Planting the Seeds

I was very excited to hear that KFYR spotted our tomato bombs and wanted to learn more about them and the endeavors of the co-op.  I think they did an excellent story highlighting that our community loves local food and we want more!

Sometimes, when you have young children, you feel like you have taken on the universe when you successfully get to work on time.  The day of our interview was one of those days, and even Retha mentioned her little one had a moment. I get to work at 8:30 everyday, but I also work a few evenings and Saturdays to accommodate the public. So, I am unable to attend any markets or support local producers.  In addition, a lot of our food choices are compromised because most stores only carry some of the products I'd like to buy.

Ideally, we'd all probably be happier and healthier if we grew our own food and slowed down a little. I've come to realize this is an unrealistic expectation; however, we can adapt to our sometimes fast paced culture.  We CAN develop and rely on local food systems.  We all have a mission in life and by working together we can be stronger and more connected.

 I think we need to get this co-op opened not only to simplify local shopping, but provide a safe, convenient, and successful location for local farmers to deliver their produce!


- Angie Oberg, BisMan Community Food Co-op Interim Chair