Re-connecting spirituality and food through conscious consumption

As much as possible, learn everything you can about food, where it comes from, how its grown, and also how to transform those raw materials into delicious, celebratory meals.
Go to your local farmers markets. Buy local as much as possible.
Grow some of your own food.
Get in touch with the natural cycles of your region. Eat in season.
If you eat animals, learn more about how they’re raised, butchered and processed. Be willing to pay a little more for meat raised naturally, humanely, with dignity and respect.
Make time for gatherings. Get a group of friends or family together and commit to a big communal meal once a month. Share the hosting duties.
Cook up a storm. Get out the good china. But keep it simple. “It’s not about ostentatious display, it’s about honoring the earth and the sacred source that fills our cups to overflowing,” said Bolland.
And overall, he added, “The only cure for unconsciousness is consciousness.” Just small steps and goals towards any of these can make a big difference.