Q&A Tuesday!

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We are starting something new here at the co-op. It's Q&A Tuesday! We get all sorts of questions via email and we'd like to start sharing them. Please feel free to send us a message or post on our wall. We love hearing from our members and future members!

Brianna asks "I visited Amazing Grains in Grand Forks this weekened. Will the BisMan Community Food Coop be similar in size, prices and variety of offerings?" 

Great question, Brianna. Here is our A to your Q:

Amazing Grains is quite a bit smaller. Our co-op will be between 6,000-8,000 square feet so about 5 times that size. We will have bigger sections and because we will have more retail space, we will carry more products. We also have plans for a deli with a juice/coffee bar with more grab-and-go items. As far as price goes, we will be competitive to current prices in Bismarck. For example, Almond milk in Grand Forks is around $3.49, in Bismarck it's closer to $4.89. This is because we are in service gap in terms of proximity to a major distribution point (Minneapolis, Billings) These are all issues that we have been addressing over the past 2 years and will continue to work on collaboratively with our GM when that individual is hired in early 2015. Amazing Grains is a great little co-op but they are growing and talking about expanding to serve their 1300+ members better.
Fyi: all co-op meetings are open to members so if you're interested, go to our website and click on our calendar of events to find our next meeting date.