'Tis The Season for Community Collaboration!

Holiday Greetings Everyone!

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and we’re hoping for some extra Christmas magic at the co-op this month.

Our store is in a tough spot right now. The good news is, our problems are manageable. What we need are more shoppers, both members and non-members, to cure what ails us. We’re asking for your help.

Our grocery sales are down. We are doing what we can to respond. We’ve trimmed A LOT of expenses.  We have fewer employees working fewer hours. We’re taking on less store inventory. We’re even unscrewing a few light bulbs to save electricity.

But we need some holiday cheer from you, the member customer, to pay overdue bills and keep our doors open.

What do we need? A 25% boost in sales would give us some breathing room, but we need a full 50% increase to pay off the last few overdue bills and get our co-op back on track.

It’s a problem we can solve by working together. This is YOUR co-op. The best way you can help your co-op is to shop there! Our success lies in you simply showing up. Ask your friends and acquaintances to do the same. They don’t have to be members to come into our store and see what an amazing place it is.  

Do you need to buy ALL of your groceries at the co-op? Nope. Do you personally have to spend hundreds of dollars every week to keep the co-op afloat? Not at all.

We did the numbers. If a majority of our members spent $20 a week here, we’d be in a stronger financial position. If a majority of our members were feeling the holiday spirit and spent $30 or more, we’d be having the merriest Christmas ever! 

They spoke not a word but went straight into the shop
Filling every cart and basket all up
With fair trade chocolate and coffee, organic almonds and berries
Local veggies and milk, jams of rhubarb and chokecherry

So come in. Say hi to the friendly co-op staff, who love their jobs and are grateful for your support. Then buy gifts for yourself and others. Buy lunch for a friend. Treat yourself to a coffee, tea or freshly squeezed orange juice. With every purchase, you are helping ensure the co-op stays here for many holiday seasons to come. 

And we heard them exclaim as they walked through the store
Happy Christmas to all, here’s to many, many more!


Your Board of Directors