A Letter to Our Members

*Originally emailed to membership 3/3/2017

To our members, our team, and our friends:

We recently held a listening session at which our members shared their thoughts and concerns regarding our food coop.  We want you to know that we hear you, and are working very hard to respond to inquiries and implement changes. We are a purely volunteer board, and most of us have only been at this for a few months. If you don't feel you've heard enough from us lately, please know that it is only because we have been working hard on some immediate and pressing issues facing our coop.

Over the next few days, you will be receiving a series of emails from us covering a number of topics we are currently trying to address:

  • Financial status of our coop and call to action
  • An update on our search for a new General Manager
  • Development of a food policy
  • Increased communication, including website updates

These are just a few of the more pressing issues currently being discussed. As an engaged member of your coop, we hope you will take the time to read about where we are, our plan moving forward and how you can get involved.  

As an example of the power of your shared voice, you may have noticed the increased hours for the deli.  The decision to scale back these hours was a difficult one, based on numbers and traffic in the deli, and the cost of labor to staff it. For a time, management simply couldn't justify keeping it open during off-peak hours.  Several members chose to speak up and voice their opinion, that the deli is often an integral part of their shopping experience, and management has recently announced that it is once again increasing the hours.

The Bisman Community Food Coop is more than just a grocery store.  It is a vision shared by those who believe in the power of community; the power of food to change not only our health, but our economy, our environment, and our very perspective of our place on this planet.  Please remember that whatever difficulties we face, your board members share your vision, and we are working tirelessly on your behalf to project our shared vision across the Northern Plains.

In cooperative solidarity,

Your Bisman Community Food Coop Board of Directors