An Update on Our Search for a New General Manager

*Originally emailed to membership 3/6/2017

One of our primary focuses in recent months has been our search for a new general manager, which in many ways goes hand in hand with addressing the financial challenges we previously communicated to you.  We are forced with a bit of a chicken or egg situation where we would like to improve the financial strength of the coop so that we can entice a strong general manager to join, but simultaneously recognize that we truly need a strong general manager in order to fully address the financial issues.  We have been actively interviewing candidates, and while we had identified a very strong candidate and have been engaged in significant negotiations, it is difficult for us commit to a significant salary requirement given the financial condition of the coop.  That said, our top priority right now is identifying and hiring a new general manager, and we will continue to focus our energy on this goal until we have someone on board to lead us forward. If any members have leads on a strong candidate who might be interested, please have that person contact one of the board members.

In cooperative solidarity,

Your Bisman Community Food Coop Board of Directors