Communication to Our Member Owners

*Originally emailed to membership 3/4/2017

One of the most frequently voiced concerns we have heard regards our communication with the membership.  Our listening session was a step toward greater communication, and we hope this letter will be another step forward.  We are striving to be transparent and maintain an open line of communication, and if we have not met that goal, please understand that it is the result of our focusing as much energy and time as possible in other areas. Our email addresses are listed on the website, and we truly welcome any and all feedback.  If you prefer to discuss questions or concerns by phone, please feel free to email any of us and we will call you back as promptly as we can.

If you tried to reach out to the co-op earlier and didn't receive a response, we recommend you try again. Some email addresses did not function properly, so please send us an email directly, or ask to speak to someone in the store. While we can't address everything immediately, we are trying our best to make sure that everyone's concerns are heard. We are a community-owned store, and we are all learning together.

In addition, we are also aware that our website is in need of updating.  Hannah Moser, one of your board members, volunteered to work on the website, and others of us have volunteered to work on updating content.  The website needs significant work so that it can be fully utilized as a vehicle for communicating with members, and advertising our coop. Our intent is to provide more regular updates on the site, in addition to email. If you have ideas for content, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

Others requests we have heard include better signage in the coop, specifically in the produce department and meat department, and better signage for the menu at the deli.  Long term, these are also items that may need to be addressed by a new general manager, but our current management has also been made aware of these requests and will continue working to improve not only the signage, but the quality and quantity of information communicated to our members about the food for sale in the coop.  We are working on creating better communication with our team in the store so that they have more information about what is for sale at the coop, and about other changes and happenings important for the coop.

In cooperative solidarity,

Your Bisman Community Food Coop Board of Directors