Happy Spring!

Greetings member-owners!

As your friendly co-op board, we have some updates we’d like to tell you about:

  • New products! We’ve recently added UNFI as a supplier for many of the products you see on the shelves.
  • More meat options! From local to organic to grass-fed, ask Larry, our meat manager, all about your meat options.
  • More local options! From buffalo burger to bath bombs, we’re proud to say North Dakota farmers, ranchers and makers are helping fill more of our shelf space, and we’re committed to continuing that trend.
  • More members! We now have nearly 3,400 member-owners with more joining every week.

Despite recent blizzards, our customers have kept coming in the door, keeping our sales steady. We’re chipping away at last year’s overdue payments, too. Thanks to recent grant funding through the Agricultural Products Utilization Commission, we’ve made over $22,000 in direct payments to 20 of our local vendors who have been so patient, carrying our balances owing them while we work through our financial plan. While we are excited that we have been able to pay many vendors in full, we strive to completely pay off all local vendors as soon as possible. Funds have been limited and we have had to make hard decisions, but supporting local vendors remains our top priority moving forward. 

The board is still very focused on finances to ensure we have a sustainable path forward, but things are looking up thanks to our member-owners and customers shopping at the co-op and making their dollar count. This spring, look for more news and events from the coop coming your way, including our 2nd year anniversary this May - stay tuned for celebration announcements!

Finally, the entire coop board would like to express its gratitude to Paul Brown, who made the difficult decision to leave the coop board prior to the end of his term in October, allowing him time to focus on other initiatives. In addition to all the work he puts in as a producer at Nourished by Nature, his countless personal hours invested in the coop operations have had an enormous impact, helping the coop be in the stronger position we find ourselves today. Currently the board plans to leave his seat vacant until board elections later this year. Thank you, Paul!

In short, the coop is getting stronger every day, thanks to YOU. The best thing you can do to support the coop is to shop at the coop. See you there!


Your BMCFC Board of Directors