Survey Results

Over 300 of you responded to our recent survey! Thank you again for taking the time to tell us your thoughts about YOUR coop. A few interesting takeaways:


-          75% of survey respondents shop at the coop at least once a month

-          Your fav departments: produce (88%), dry grocery (53%), and the salad/soup/hot bar (44%)

-          Your top priorities in shopping the coop are organic/natural (63%), locally produced (59%), and price (55%)

-          The Amazon effect on local economies is real: nearly 30% cite online retailers as a primary source for food and wellness products, and 2/3 of those specifically from Amazon.


The survey gave us plenty of kudos, constructive suggestions, and a few criticisms. We welcomed it all. And some changes had already been implemented thanks to your feedback! Some responses to survey feedback:


-          “(I’d shop at the coop more) if there was a larger selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

o   Good news! Every month produce manager Casey is bringing in new seasonal produce to expand your palate. Our biggest sellers are still bananas and avocados, but come by and try baby turnips, purple yams, plenty of new produce to explore.

-          “(I’d shop at the coop more) if they made more take home meals”

o   Our hot bar is open every day until 7 pm, giving you a head start on a great nourishing meal at home. Missed your favorite hot bar day? Our staff packages hot bar specialties for grab-n-go in the deli cooler – enjoy your favorites on any day!

-          “I want organic good quality foods and organic peanut butter.”

o   You’re in luck, we offer tons of organic nut butters, including the only freshly ground organic peanut and almond butter machines in town.

-          “(I’d shop at the coop more) if some of my favorite items were regularly in stock.”

o   Have a favorite you never want to run out of? We’ll order a case just for you and give you a 10% case discount. Just call to request.

-          “(I’d shop at the coop more) if I felt more welcome there.”

o   We’re sorry to hear this! We do our very best to welcome each and every customer without being over-the-top about it. You can always ask for any of the managers directly: General Manager Carmen and Assistant General Managers Casey and Tjacob are happy to help.

-          “(I’d shop at the coop more) if prices were lower.”

o   We’re working on it, striking a balance between perceived value, inventory volume, product selection, and keeping the coop sustainable. Check out the new lower prices on Field Day basics and watch for our weekly specials in your email.


In addition, over the next few months, coop board and management will be incorporating survey feedback into a new strategic plan, ensuring we have a clear direction moving forward that adheres to coop values, and builds a sustainable business path moving forward.


Thank you again for your feedback! It helps keep your coop growing better every day.


BMCFC Board of Directors