Our Mission

The BisMan Community Food Cooperative is committed to providing a grocery shopping experience reflective of our community’s commitment to health and wellness!


Three Guiding Principles

Real Food: We are what we eat

The BisMan Community Food Co-op sells food…. real food. The co-op’s business model is rooted in the idea that we are what we eat. We provide convenient retail access to healthy and sustainable foods stocked regularly by local farmers & ranchers, other regional producers, and a national supplier. 

Empowered Community Members

The BisMan Community Food Co-op is a trusted source of meaningful information about food, health, and wellness in the Bismarck/Mandan community. The Co-op recognizes the need for growing awareness on the impact of food in our community.

Strong Local Economy

The BisMan Community Food Co-op pays fair wages to employees, fair prices to producers, and charges fair prices to members and other patrons. We believe in supporting small farmers and sustainable agriculture.